What is NeonBurst?

Neonburst is Energy!

Our goal was to launch a brand that was more than a shop! We wanted to create a clean energy drink with no crash to meet the fast paced most active lifestyles.

It has been designed for diverse users so whether you are an athlete, YouTube star, business executive, gamer, or entrepreneur you can benefit!

Life craves energy so the ‘Hub’ is there to provide FREE information to help level up, ranging from gaming, mindset, wellbeing, goal setting, nutrition, smoothie recipes, home workouts and more!

How was NBE created?

When NBE was just a concept it started with two of us sitting around a table wondering how we could bring both of our individual skills together to create something rewarding that not only helped us but helped give back, we think we nailed it!

Since then, the team has increased massively and together we have grown and brought many new dynamics and ideas for the future!

Our mission is to be the people’s brand, inspiring and driving each other and creating more than a community… a family!

Whether you are a gym lover, esports pro, casual gamer, everyday joe we have you!

Our products have been specifically designed to enhance performance, maximise focus, filled with clean & natural goodness and give you that kick you need to fuel the grind!

Why is community, TeamPanda important to you?

The founders of NBE have never been handed opportunity, what has been achieved has been through hard work, drive, and determination.

When the team came together, insane things began to happen… Our dream was no longer a dream it was a reality.

It was then we realised we can inspire others to work together, support each other and succeed just by having equal opportunity and a chance!

What is Pink Faze and Blue Faze?

NBE has two sides:

Pink Faze – dedicated to our fitness and lifestyle primarily focused on the Hybrid pre-workout drink.

Our Hybrid EXTREME PUMP PRE-WORKOUT represents a scientific breakthrough for supporting Nitric Oxide (NO) production during training. Nitric oxide is a chemical found in the body that causes increased blood flow to muscle tissue, delivering the vital nutrients you need and enhancing physical capabilities, it has been designed to maximise your workouts, increase pump, and enable greater muscular development.

Blue Faze – which is dedicated to our E-sport energy drink.

Our E-sport Energy has been designed and formulated as an advanced brain-enhancing supplement, packed with a blend of clinically proven active ingredients, in order to energise the mind, enhance focus and boost mental performance, we have filled it with all the goodness your body needs and powered it up with Clean energy, hydration properties and a whole lot of goodness to support healthy living and boost your immune system, health is important especially in these trying times, traditional energy drinks are old school now. Streaming, exams and anything else that takes that mental use has never been easier!

What makes NBE different to other energy drinks?

Where do we start? If this question is in relation to NBE as a company then … EVERYTHING, we believe we have an incredibly unique approach to the public, our community, and our consumers, we aim to support everyone, big and small and we believe that everyone should have equal opportunity, as we have mentioned many times, teamwork is everything and we intend to keep this motto forever.

In relation to our Energy products themselves we have not just had these formulas stock manufactured we sat as a team and with the professionals and built them from scratch, it took us a full year and hundreds of Ping-Pong samples to achieve what we believe is unique and perfect, from taste to effects to ingredients to quality, we have taken in to account the current world circumstances and customised a immune system matrix, vitamin complex and wrapped them up with coinciding ingredients that work together when blended to give a full bodied healthy BOOST! …


Does NBE really work?

Yes, it really does… we will only ever put out products that we believe in, that are tried and tested and meet our high-quality standards!

What would you recommend me to purchase if I am buying NBE for the first time?

We would recommend you try our starter packs; this allows you to try our insane tastes before committing to choosing a favourite first!

Can I get free samples?

We could give samples away for free, but our starter packs contain every flavour and we have kept the price as low as possible, keep your eyes out for the GAME ON competition, you never know what is up for grabs, we also have the E-League reward loyalty scheme! Why not check it out…?

How many servings per tub?

Both our Hybrid pre-workout and our E-sport energy are 400g net, 40 serving tubs.

Obviously if you are ‘hardcore’ as we know some are, this will decrease, keep safe!

Are your products/ingredients officially approved?

The NBE products are supplements and not a drug, so unlike medication does not require approval by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) however ALL of our ingredients are clinically proven, tested and covered by certification.

UK Manufactured.

How much sugar goes into your drinks?

We have used sugar unlike most E-sport energy drinks that promote zero sugar, are they really zero sugar? Who knows but our labels are 100% transparent!

Our e-sport drink has 0.5g per serving and our pre-workout has 0.4g while we do not like sugar it opens many doors to unique and amazing flavours.

A small maths equation…

You would need to drink 97 Neonburst E-sport drinks to equivalent to one 350ml can of traditional cola and 35 to meet a small can of traditional energy drink.

How much caffeine is in your products?

This will depend on the product, either way we stay within the safe guidelines, it is not all about caffeine, we have formulated blends that work together to maximise the potential and give you the most from the product while keeping you safe… health is everything!

Is NBE suitable for Vegans, Vegetarians, Gluten Free?

Our product information is 100% transparent, we have products suitable for all, check the product label for further information.

We're not 5 Star for nothing


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