Tropical Ice

Tropical Ice






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Low calorie, high nutrition - the perfect supplement for weight management with just 12.5 calories per drink.


Unlock the full potential of your body with high concentration amino acids.


Get the most out of every serving with our expertly blended nootropic formula.


Boost your overall health and wellness with our vitamin-rich EEA / BCAA blend.


Nature's best ingredients expertly blended for optimal results.


Perfect for a plant-based diet with our vegan-friendly formula

Why you will experience peak performance with Neonburst Energy Drinks.

The benefits of improved alertness and focus can have a positive impact on various aspects of one's life, from increased productivity at work to better performance in physical activities.

The active ingredients in the product are specifically formulated to enhance mental clarity and focus, helping to improve overall cognitive function. Additionally, the zero crash optimization feature ensures that energy levels are maintained without the typical crash associated with other energy-boosting products.

The combination of energy, focus, and hydration in the formula allows for a well-rounded boost that can improve overall performance and productivity. Lastly, the lack of a powdery aftertaste ensures that the product can be taken comfortably without any unpleasant lingering tastes.

Escape to a tropical paradise with every sip of Tropical Ice.

Product Info

Serving Si z e: 10g Serving per C o n tainer: 40 F a t Ene r gy KJ Amou n t P er Serving per 10g per 20g % D V per 10g C arbo h y d r a t es P r o t ein Ene r gy KJ Ene r gy K cals of which s a tu r a t es of which sugars 54KJ 108KJ 12.5 K cal 25 K cal 0g 0g 0g 0g 0 .9g 1 .8g 0 .5g 0 .5g 2.2g 4 . 4g S alt 0g 0g Gua r ana Seed E x t r a c t ( C a ff ein e ) 150mg 300mg 38% T aurine 800mg 1600mg 2 7% Ni c otinamide 16mg 3 2mg 100% V itamin B12 1 . 1mg 2.2mg 4 5% V itamin B1 1 . 1mg 2.2mg V itamin B6 1 . 4mg 2.8mg 90% 8 2% Ginseng 500mg 1000mg 110% L - T y r osine 800mg 1600mg 500% Choline Bitart r a t e 80mg 160mg 19% Ribofl a vin 1 . 4mg 2.8mg 110% Alpha-GPC 100mg 200mg 8% A c e t yl L - C arnitine HCL 500mg 1000mg 90% P ota s sium Chloride 200mg 400mg 5% V itamin B5 4.2mg 8 . 4mg 98% V itamin C 800mg 1600mg 800% Goji Berry 50mg 100mg + T urmeric R oot E x t r a c t 200mg 400mg + V itamin E 6mg 12mg 40% Zinc O xide 12.5mg 25mg 130% Other Ing r edie n ts: L -Citrulline Mal a t e , Suc r alos e , Malic A cid and Be e t r oot P o w de r .

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